<----- Amateur Radio Station & Laboratory ---->

Antennas: dipole 10 - 15 - 20 m: tri-band collinear 144 - 430 - 1.2 GHz: dual-band collinear 144- 430: diskone Icom AH-7000: Diamond CP - 6.ond CP - 6 .

RTX :Yaesu FT-991A: Icom IC 706MKIIG: Yaesu FT-100D: Kenwood TM-513E: Kenwood TR-851: Yaesu FT-212RH RX: ICOM PCR1000. Laptops: Kenwood TH75: Kenwood TH46E: Yaesu FT-23: Baofeng UV-5R.UV-5R .

Instruments : Rigol DSA815 spectrum analyzer: Tektronix TDS-3032B & 2465B oscilloscopes: Marconi 2023 signal generator, Unaohm EP-57, Unaohm EM-135G: Modified Nuova Elettronica frequency meters with seven-segment display, thermostated and programmable time base: UniT UT61C UniT UT61E tester , ICE 680G: Fluke 8010A multimeter: Component tester: Grid-Dip meter from 1.5 MHz to 250 MHz: TES VE-36 electronic voltmeter: MT87B current clamp.

Power supply : Variac 0 - 320 Volt 2 KW: Isolation transformer 220 Volt 100 Watt: Power supply 5 - 45 Volt 2.5 Ampere SCR protection: Switching power supplies 13.8 Volt 30 Ampere.


Latest arrivals : instruments of truly small dimensions, also battery powered and therefore portable and convenient to use in any condition ..

NanoVNA : network vector analyzer 50 KHz - 900 MHz touch-screen: different display modes (Smith chart, SWR etc.) also with the PC software it adds other functions for example it can indicate if the antenna drop cable has one or more junctions.

TinySA : Touch-screen MF/HF/VHF spectrum analyzer from 100KHz to 960MHz with two inputs from 100KHz to 350MHz and the other input from 240MHz to 960MHz: Input attenuator from 0 to 31dB: Also can work from AM-FM-WFM signal generator on the entire band described with sine and square wave.

Thermal video camera: reads up to 400° and is useful for analyzing and identifying components that heat excessively....Thermal video camera : reads up to 400° and is useful for analyzing components that heat excessively...

...Oscilloscope + sine, triangular and square wave signal generator: created out of curiosity as with modest expense you can have an oscilloscope with a bandwidth of up to 200 KHz and a signal generator of up to 1 MHz. It cannot be compared to professional tools, but it respects the declared characteristics perfectly ...

Above on the right the possibility of using the PC to control the radios is e xploited. In particular, the Ham Radio de luxe program (trial version) for the Yaesu FT-991A, while for the PCR-1000 the supplied software

The image below shows the diagram of the station, the layout of the antennas, the various switches, Daiwa CNW-419 antenna tuner, Daiwa SX400 VSWR meters, Kenwood SW2100, and finally how they are connected to the radios. The cables are for the triband collinear and the Diamond CP-6 with the RG-8, while the other cables are made with the RG-58.con banda

Historical 1985 with the Commodore 64 12" B/W TV screen ---- 1995 with Unaohm Oscilloscope ---- Current