Programs created in Visual Basic

Station Book

Program for managing radio connections. Most important functions: management of connected names via reduced view to have the desktop available for digital connections or complete database with all available data. Band - Plane. Time Zones . Packets/Clusters. Contest and Diploma Management. Callbook names (about 1.8 million names..). Management of sent and confirmed QSLs. Print QSL. Viewing connections by band and mode. The program was created for a 1280 x 1024 screen resolution and cannot work with lower resolutions. Below are some example screenshots..

Spectrum analyzer program with Icom PCR1000.. naturally it does not claim to be a professional instrument, but with its continuous coverage from approximately 100 KHz to 1.3 Ghz it is very useful in the calibration of tuned circuits. You select the frequency to analyze and the bandwidth to display. There are two markers to accurately read the displayed frequencies..

Program for calculating the L - C frequency of the capacitor published in PIC ............................ Program for viewing the computer hardware